Clarity and Distraction

Reassuring to sit in meditation and have 

the lens of your mind clear

Not that it happens every time

But today Clarity stepped out

and showed Distraction to the door

Have you met Distraction?

A rather jumpy character she is,

not wanting to settle in one place 

or stay quiet for very long

She also gives more energy to some

rather than others, making them seem

more serious or dangerous or true

When they are not

But when the rush of life is carrying you

it’s so tempting not to pause and really

look at what Distraction is offering

Clarity on the other hand is like 

the knife that cuts down to the core,

exposing what one’s true intention 

can be

She shows you the simplicity of it all,

making it possible for you to simply

rest in what is

Clarity doesn’t give you the answers –

just the focus you need to find them.


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3 Responses to Clarity and Distraction


    This is exquisite.
    I adore your poems.
    I honor your wisdom and your heart.

  2. Phyllis Solomon

    Bravo! Love this Carol! Many thanks for your words! xx

  3. Elissa

    I love this and will read it many more times! What a great reading for yoga class.
    Love You

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