Winter Pause

I found myself pausing in the middle of this day

deciding what to do next

And realized that pausing is not something

I generally do

at least not in this way

‘Generally’ means moving from one thing to another

not stopping to look around

or think about what I want to do

There have been years of going and doing

This, however, is the year of slowing and stopping

imposed by a pandemic

on top of aging, cancer and the

slipping of the Polar Vortex

I imagine this is enough to allow a pause,

to welcome a surge of gratitude for this life

unfolding as it is

before taking the next step 

into the next moment

and the tomorrow after that


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3 Responses to Winter Pause

  1. Micheline Brunelle

    As always, so well expressed, thought provoking and touching

  2. Kathleen Lahiff

    I always enjoy the pause of reading your posts. Thank you.


    Beautiful. Again!
    I love how your poetry slows me down, stills my heart, opens my awareness.
    And I get to sit in a pause and be.

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