The Color of Today

This day is a day
where the color of the sky 
and the bay are the same

It's a soft gray
where the edge of the sky blends
with the horizon line of the bay

It feels a bit upside down

As if I too could blend right in
and lose myself in 
the softness of this gray landscape

Would that be so bad?
To be held by the bay and the sky
in a liminal space?

Would that be so different really
from the space I occupy 
right now?


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3 Responses to The Color of Today

  1. Darla Bjork


  2. Tabor

    Drop in.

  3. Tom Cummings

    I’m really struck by your closing stanza. It prompted these two wonderings … Aren’t we all occupying the spaces spanning the multiple boundaries in our lives? And aren’t those boundaries much more artificial, and much less solid, than we suppose? Thanks, Carol!

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