A Great Sadness and…

Like a wave that you don't see coming
or one that you expect to be less powerful
than it turns out to be,

A force that sends you rolling upside down
or pushed to your knees
leaves you wondering which way is up and
how to get yourself back to solid ground.

This is how I feel being pummeled
by wave after wave of media headlines and reporting
that seems to augur an impending, inescapable doom.

There is a wave of extremism seeking to
punish women, people of color, immigrants,
registered voters and so many others of us
who hold tight to a life in a democracy and 
who value the rule of law.

It is a denial of our shared humanity.

It is also, in fact, cruel and inhuman treatment
of the people with whom we share this planet.

It is a source of Great Sadness and...

It is also a Call to Action.

To remember that we have agency even when
we feel overwhelmed,

To remember that it is a minority in this country
that wish to control us in this way,
and we are MANY who stand against this wave.

We must be lifeguards for one another.

Working together we can do this.


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7 Responses to A Great Sadness and…

  1. Tom Cummings

    “We must be lifeguards for each other”. What an inspiring vision!

  2. Glenn Katon


  3. Elissa Cobb

    This is amazing! Love you!

  4. Keith Voos

    Beautiful and so true.

  5. Well said Carol! Choosing and actively seeing LOVE in everyone, and believing in the power of the invisible here.
    There are millions of people across the globe scientifically proving there is POWER in the invisible. We just don’t get that news. Much LOVE to you dear one.

  6. Phyllis

    Carol, Your poignant words always resonate deeply within the heart and mind. May I share this on my FB page?

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