Stepping into Planet Politics…

After participating in the Pachamama Alliance Game Changer Intensive,

I asked myself this question…


Who am I now?

I am the same, at the core.

It’s my perspective that’s shifted


So that when the voice in my head says

Who do you think you are

Trying to change these things

You don’t know the language

You won’t be able to articulate the argument

You can’t compete with big money power

Who’s going to listen to you

These are not the skills you have

Your efforts will be like a drop in the bucket


I can center myself in the moment and

take a deep breath

and from this place

at the edge of my courage



I’m doing what needs to be done

I’m learning the language

It’s not a debate

Not a competition

Someone will listen because we are many in this together

developing new skills

filling thousands of buckets with our efforts.


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