Tous les Jours

the terrible news of gun deaths
shatters us and once again we think
this must be the moment that
changes everything.

more evidence emerges of the thriving
systemic racism in our country
and communities 
but we pretend it will end.

the levers of power among
corporations and politicians
prevent us meeting the climate challenge
and we pray science will save us.

we must embrace the bigger picture
of a greener more equitable world
in whatever way we can.

there are efforts to work toward
these possibilities but they mostly
escape our Twitter feed.

we must take the next step
even when we lose trust in the outcome.

It's our hope for the future,
depending of course on what we wish
for the generations to come.

Each of us must make that decision


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5 Responses to Tous les Jours

  1. Such an articulate expression of exactly what leading a mindful life might look like in these tumultuous times.

  2. Anette Goelet

    Thank you Carol for giving us hope that we can do something every day that can make a difference . Your posts are always good for thought , and makes a difference in my life. With Grtitude

  3. Micheline Brunelle


  4. Morgan Scott Phenix

    The post reminds me that mindful can trump mindless. The miracle of cognition and of choice and of future. The mail came as a surprise, and then, a confirmation. And a reminder to dedicate each moment to the best. Thank you.

  5. Elissa Cobb

    Yes…every day…you say it very well. I hope may people read this. Love you!

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