The Still Point

Consider that your yoga practice always begins from a still point.  It may be a nanosecond of stillness, but there is that pause where you are about to begin.  It may just be the equivalent of a long breath in and a longer exhale.

But where is that point – really?  Is it inside some part of you?  Is it in your body, mind or emotions?  Or perhaps in that connection to the spiritual or however you  choose to see what that may be for you.   It could just be that part of you that knows you really well.  The part that knows why you’re there on the mat and what you bring and what you want to take away.  In your core – you know, the part that is often the object of strengthening efforts.  Yes, the part that doesn’t look like it did some years ago or, anyway, not the same as the picture in your mind of what it should look like.  But, I digress…

Perhaps asking what the still point is might be the better question.    Is it a point that we create when stepping onto the mat or one that’s always there but hidden sometimes.  Is it something to look for or does it just show up?  What does it look like?  How does it show up?  Is it an absence of movement?  I think not – because your heart is still beating,  blood is still flowing and you are still breathing.  Movement is happening, not stillness.  So, is it the mind that stills itself as you begin?  Wonder how many of us would never begin if waiting for the mind to be still before we start!  I’m not certain at all that it’s an absence of movement, thought or even emotions.

Suppose the still point were an abundance – an overflow of connection with a stillness bigger than yourself.  And that is what you tap into as you begin your yoga practice.  Like the pause between in breath and out breath – it needn’t be very long or full, or have other identifying qualities, but it is there none the less.  Feels in some way like a coming together, a gathering up, so to speak, and then opening out to take the next step.

Or, perhaps the whole point is about you, the whole of you, becoming that still point by the end of the practice…

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  1. Carol,

    Love that you have a blog. Great posts… all of them. Beautifully said about the still point. lol how funny it would be if we couldn’t start a yoga class until everyone had stilled their mind 😉

    Love and hugs.

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