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Life is Just This

 Somewhere between 
 this is me and that is mine
 I fear we have lost our way
 We take possession
 of people and things
 carving out some personal space
 then build a wall around it 
 Our connection to each other
 and all sentient beings
 Setting us adrift
 in our separate silos
 How do we reclaim what we’ve lost
 unless we can name it
 Until we can imagine beyond
 the complaints and disturbances
 of lives lived this way 
 To step into a new story of
 who we are and how we are
 To seek our true relationship to one another
 To see our face before we were born 
 Then sharing a glimpse of
 the richness that a well lived
 life can be
 Perhaps that day
 will signal a new way of seeing 
 Our World
 and become the story
 we choose to live by 

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