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Speaking in Flowers

Soon enough I will be speaking in flowers
Temperatures are shifting and
I've seen the stems of daffodils
poking through
Won't be long now

But there is no war happening here
I can sleep undisturbed by
Death dropping from the sky

I can walk the streets and
not fear vehicles of war 
blocking my way

I don't need to seek shelter 
And God help me I don't have to
take up arms to defend my country

Yet my friends in Ukraine must do just that

They be brave in ways 
you can't imagine
I know they are a strong and
passionate people

I think of the woman offering sunflower seeds
to the Russian soldiers
She urges them to put the seeds
in their pockets 

At least Sunflowers will grow when
they all lie down here

Then they are the ones
who will be speaking in flowers

And what will they say?

Sorry for invading your country
Sorry for bringing war to your doorstep
Sorry we were just doing our job

Sorry that what you have left 
are these flowers.


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