Posture and Presence

 How I hold myself
 is never simply a matter
 of body and bones and muscle
 It is also subject to 
 what’s happening in my mind and
 what I’m feeling in my heart
 How am I being present to myself?
 Am I grounded and centered
 or caught up in some mind story?
 Am I feeling the heat of emotion 
 pulling at my heart?
 Do I feel my feet on the ground?
 Am I focused on difficulties
 and challenges that 
 lead me to “I can’t?”
 Or can I simply be present to what is
 and trust that I am really at home
 in this body
 And then settle into myself in a way
 that expresses the knowing 
 that posture arises out of presence.
 Because the possibility of being 
 truly present is
 what we have each moment
 of every day and
 every tomorrow as well. 


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2 Responses to Posture and Presence

  1. Tabor W Butler

    so true.
    gracious, exquisitely expressed.

  2. Elissa

    I so get this one! It’s great!

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