In These Times

Today we are all preoccupied with 

The Before Times

Hoping to get transported back there

Wherever there might be

Some of us are even longing for 

The Far Back Times

Of course those memories are often 

based on hearsay

We are in fact still in The Pandemic Times

though seeming to work our way out

And then there’s the continuing

Racial Injustice Times

And also the Burning Times leading to the 

Misogynistic Times

And now The Climate Crisis And Time of

The Sixth Extinction 

We don’t have Time to be longing for the

Far Back Times or even

The Before Times

What we must do is see where we are now

And choose what we want our

Next Time to be

As individual souls

And soulful communities

And soul searching societies

Our Time is here


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2 Responses to In These Times

  1. Phyllis

    Thank you for putting into words so eloquently the feelings and thoughts that are rolling and tumbling through my brain and body on so many different levels. It’s comforting to hear another voice that’s on the same page.


    Oh yes!

    Our souls’ individual and communal choice.

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