I find the phrase

Holding my experience with gratitude

a more effective way

of being grateful for all of my experience 

Not just the fun times

or the loving relationships

but also the difficult, frightening,

overwhelming and overall 

challenging times

Not easy for sure

but it does lend itself

to allowing for the realization 

that this is just the experience 

I’m having

Instead of putting all my energy

into wishing it wasn’t so

It opens the door to 

a different way of being

and seeing more clearly

This holding of experience

is akin to seeing without judging

Letting go blame or guilt or shame

Clearing the slate so to speak

Holding with gratitude

interrupts the critic and the naysayer

literally putting on hold

the longing for a different experience

And frees me up

to walk a different path

with this body in this life

which is the only one I’ve got

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