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Ground Work

Rememberings of this year past
carry some weight 
and make it difficult
to leap into the new year

Does it help that we assign 
these demarcations
dividing our lives 
into segments?

Does it ease our path going forward
or is it simply about
giving ourselves another chance
to make things right?

Do we get to wipe the slate clean
and write a new story
Or are there other ways
to bring the Past into the Present?

I’d like to think the Past
provides some ground work - 
In an almost literal way 

Living necessitates that we 
process what’s past so that
it becomes fertile soil
for regeneration
Life isn’t the linear path we expected

It does, thankfully,
offer us a richness of opportunities
to work the soil
while we play in the dirt.


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Deep Time

In the time before Time
when Earth was raw
and Life was beginning…
Can you imagine that far back?

It might be good for your perspective 
to try
It might help reduce 
the angst that you feel
in your body

You know what I’m talking about.

A science teacher once told me
that if you stand with you arms
And consider the timeline
of earth’s formation this way -

Say the birth of our planet happens 
at the tip 
of the middle finger 
of your left hand
and all the eons of growing and
developing occur along the timeline
of your outstretched arms;

then the life of humans on Earth
from the dawn of us until now,
on that same timeline,
would occupy just the tip 
of the fingernail 
of the middle finger
of your right hand.

All that history has preceded us,
and Earth will survive with or without us.
There are no guarantees.
But we have evolved in the way that
Earth’s energy has 
of moving life forward

We are an extension of 
and dependent on 
this world around us 

That’s it. That’s all there is.
And you can absorb that in a way
that makes you feel small 
and insignificant,
Or you can revel in the
beauty of it -
being connected to and
dependent on such an awesome planet.

The choice is up to you.

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Posture and Presence

 How I hold myself
 is never simply a matter
 of body and bones and muscle
 It is also subject to 
 what’s happening in my mind and
 what I’m feeling in my heart
 How am I being present to myself?
 Am I grounded and centered
 or caught up in some mind story?
 Am I feeling the heat of emotion 
 pulling at my heart?
 Do I feel my feet on the ground?
 Am I focused on difficulties
 and challenges that 
 lead me to “I can’t?”
 Or can I simply be present to what is
 and trust that I am really at home
 in this body
 And then settle into myself in a way
 that expresses the knowing 
 that posture arises out of presence.
 Because the possibility of being 
 truly present is
 what we have each moment
 of every day and
 every tomorrow as well. 


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How We Heal

 Ever really notice
 how the body heals itself?
 A cut or bruise or broken bones
 over time will be made whole  
 And even when the healing 
 results in a body that feels less than whole
 and we sense the loss of what used to be
 We can choose to move forward 
 This body knows what to do
 If we allow it
 And while we may complain 
 about how long this healing takes
 We can also trust that it will somehow 
 do the best it can 
 So what I wonder is
 why we often fail to trust
 the healing of wounds 
 to our heart
 Or the list of damages 
 our mind holds onto
 sometimes year 
 after year 
 Why not trust our heart-mind
 to make us whole or
 move us forward toward
 a place of equanimity?
 But always 
 and only 
 if we allow it     

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Life is Just This

 Somewhere between 
 this is me and that is mine
 I fear we have lost our way
 We take possession
 of people and things
 carving out some personal space
 then build a wall around it 
 Our connection to each other
 and all sentient beings
 Setting us adrift
 in our separate silos
 How do we reclaim what we’ve lost
 unless we can name it
 Until we can imagine beyond
 the complaints and disturbances
 of lives lived this way 
 To step into a new story of
 who we are and how we are
 To seek our true relationship to one another
 To see our face before we were born 
 Then sharing a glimpse of
 the richness that a well lived
 life can be
 Perhaps that day
 will signal a new way of seeing 
 Our World
 and become the story
 we choose to live by 

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I find the phrase

Holding my experience with gratitude

a more effective way

of being grateful for all of my experience 

Not just the fun times

or the loving relationships

but also the difficult, frightening,

overwhelming and overall 

challenging times

Not easy for sure

but it does lend itself

to allowing for the realization 

that this is just the experience 

I’m having

Instead of putting all my energy

into wishing it wasn’t so

It opens the door to 

a different way of being

and seeing more clearly

This holding of experience

is akin to seeing without judging

Letting go blame or guilt or shame

Clearing the slate so to speak

Holding with gratitude

interrupts the critic and the naysayer

literally putting on hold

the longing for a different experience

And frees me up

to walk a different path

with this body in this life

which is the only one I’ve got

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Bigger Than My Self

Every time I drive by Jamaica Bay 

I look beyond the houses 

at the water’s edge

I look to see the level of the tide

though I really have no need to know

Yet it always feels important just to look.

I notice when the waves cover the reeds

that form small islands just off shore

I check to see if any ducks or geese or egret are about.

I find myself a witness to the mood of the bay,  

watching how the water lies so still or 

how the wind stirs up the waves.

Wondering how the moon can push or pull

the water beyond its normal reach.

I don’t take notes or photographs

I just have pictures in my mind

And I smile

No matter what I find

I feel some reassurance in knowing

that the bay is still there

Even though I don’t know 

where I expect it to go.

It’s a wonder to see it 

every time 

And of course

there’s some comfort too

in the connection that I have

with this place in nature that is so much

bigger than my self.


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Spring Haiku

Brown earth opening
yellow, orange, purple
on green stems

White hyacinth
from the rain

A screen of fog
no ocean view
the sound of waves

Osprey in the nest 
welcome home

Dark clouds
become curtains of water
become blue sky

All the things
seventy-three years
and counting

I have crawled inside a poem
and lost my way


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An April Morning

There is always one Spring morning

when the sky is clear and 

the bluest blue

A day when the air warms 

beyond the usual April cold

when the idea of a beach walk

calls me outside

Then there I am

removing my shoes and socks 

relishing the feel of bare feet in the cool sand

With each sandy footstep I find myself

smiling inside at the thought

that Summer will soon be here

Even the gulls screech welcoming sounds

As I look around at people walking 

seeing kids playing and

dogs running at the water’s edge

I can just feel 

that everyone around me

is also wearing a smile inside this April morning.

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Deep Down Time

Today I appreciate having some

Deep Down Time

to explore the richness underneath

where I can live through the space

in between my thoughts

I find a fertile ground where

thoughts and words emerge

like a giving back

after all that’s been taken in

and tended to like a gardener would

Though I can never be sure

exactly what will spring forth where

and am always surprised when

some volunteers show up

What comes might wrap itself into a poem

or provide an intention for the rest of the day

or a project for the days ahead

What I know for certain is that

my connection in these moments

feels true and whole

Not a searching or imagining but

a grounded sense of the path I’m on

even when the outcome isn’t sure


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